Frequently asked question

Would I be able to purchase Lunocoin with other interchange coin like ETH, XRP, BCH, OMG or the sky is the limit from there?

You would now be able to just utilize Bitcoin to purchase Lunocoin. Anyway, later on, we will probably reach and bolster different altcoins. Take after our facebook page to keep refreshed.

How can I get these coins?

You can purchase Lunocoin from our interior trade. Above all else, you have to enlist your record at www.Lunocoin.io, and store Bitcoin to your BTC wallet. From that point onward, go to trade menu and submit a purchase request. Once your request is coordinated with offer request from different investors. Lunocoin will be instantly sent to your Lunocoin wallet.

How can I make a Bitcoin deposit to my Lunocoin account?

Once you login to your Lunocoin account, go to wallet section. You will notice Bitcoin wallet, then click on 'deposit' button. Copy your BTC address or scan the QR code that you see to your personal BTC wallet. Enter the amount you want to deposit and submit. Do NOT transfer any other cryptocurrency to your BTC wallet or else you can lose your currency.

Can I withdraw my Bitcoin from my BTC Lunocoin wallet?

Certainly, you can withdraw your BTC at any time. We never have any policy to shut out your BTC withdrawal at all. Once you finished the withdrawal process, you will recieve your transaction ID in just 30 minutes.

I have my 2FA enabled but lost/broke my phone. How can I get my access to Lunocoin back?

Please contact our support team at Lunocoin facebook page or [email protected] To verify yourself, you will go through our varification process. Once succesful, your 2FA will be disabled and you can login to your account again. Please make sure to re-enable your 2FA as soon as possible after you regain your Lunocoin account access.

How might I make a bitcoin store to my lunocoin account?

When you log in to your Lunocoin account, go to wallet area. You will see Bitcoin wallet, at that point tap on 'store' catch. Duplicate your BTC address or sweep the QR code that you see to your own BTC wallet. Enter the sum you need to store and submit. Try not to exchange some other cryptographic money to your BTC wallet or else you can lose your cash.

Would I be able to pull back my bitcoins from BTC lunocoin?

Absolutely, you can pull back your BTC whenever. We never have any arrangement to close out your BTC withdrawal by any means. When you completed the withdrawal procedure, you will receive your exchange ID in only 30 minutes.