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About Us

What is Lunocoin ?

Lunocoin in is a decentralized self-guided cash related portion arrange made for customers that should be independent of pariahs like banks or the organization. In this system, your transactions are not dependent on any other authority. No merchants or distinctive establishments are required for taking care of trades. Lunocoin is a computerized cash to change the face of the world trade in future. As per our estimate, the world is going to be run by this digital money type.

The Lunocoin system continues running even when there is no central server or authority monitoring the system. It is definitely not hard to use and empowers you to benefit by the blockchain development. That suggests that money can be sent from A to B inside seconds with slightest costly charges and minors will simply record these transactions in their computers.

All Lunocoin trades are strange because all transactions could be seen in the blockchain and hence it leaves no room for the fraudulent people. There are no restrictions for age, gender or geographic locations of the users. Regardless, it isn't shown which trade is done by whom. Each customer can lift whether his name will show up or not. This known and new technology change the whole cash related system. The same foundations like the organization are required for sending money from A to B. Banks can go bankrupt and lose your money by making horrendous courses of action and tremendous associations can offer customer data without getting consent. Lunocoin and the development of this framework avoid issue like these and you will not be told that the coin has gone bankrupt.


Earn profit with trading


Earn daily interest on Lunocoin


Earn interest on holding


Earn bonus from referrals

AI Trading Tools

Earn profit by Luno-AI trading tools


Earn profit by Luno Signals

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Our Chief Objective Is To Deliver A Justifiable Reflexive Revenue For Our Depositors. We Have Exactly Scheduled Our Stepladders In Direction To Preserve A Sluggish But Stable level. We are here to support your financial status in a long run.

Roadmap History

Bulding the future with Lunocoin

Nov 2017

- Lunocoin Concept Initiation
- Coin Building
- Website Development

- Open Luno ICO
- DDOS Attack Protection
- Web Wallet
- Launching and market communication

Feb 2018
March 2018

- Luno Signals
- Lending Program
- Staking Program
- Affiliate Program
- Internal Exchange Market

- Listing on Coinmarket
- AI Trading Tools
- Target Price 20 USD/ Lunocoin
- Android / IOS Platform Development

April 2018
May 2018

- Marketing Campaign
- List in Exchange Market
- Improve Website
- Target Price 35 USD/ Lunocoin

- Upgrade new system
- Target Price USD 150/ Lunocoin

Dec 2018


LUNO bot is an intelligent algorithm that generates profit for the people who have invested in the Lunocoin. These reports are generated on monthly basis. Are you interested in investing in our coin? Simply, deposit your investable amount to in the form of bitcoins or simply buy tokens when they are on sale. You can get these tokens from our affiliated exchange partners.



As you know in this field of cryptocurrencies numerous frauds are common on the internet and that is the reason why crypto investors needs to be clever. We have decided to provide extra efficient security algorithms to our investors and that is they reason why all of your transactions and investments could be seen on the block chain and any hacking or fraud attempt can easily be foiled.
Our existing LUNO system is advance and perfect at the same time. It allocates your investments to the virtual wallets automatically and then even removes it from the wallets when you have successfully transacted your amounts hence no one will be able to steal your pure money in an illegal way. You will be asked to enter your private key to get an access to your investment and hence it will be secure from thieves until you have kept your key private and hidden.


Token Name Lunocoin


Quantity 8000000


Token Symbol LUNO


value Per Token 0.40


Decimal Place 8


Algorithm Scrypt


Pre-ICO Date 22 Feb


ICO 25 Feb

Distribution of Tokens & Funds

  • token_chart System Development
  • token_chart investor
  • token_chart System Research
  • token_chart Marketing
  • token_chart Research

Affiliate Program


Earn 10% Commission Every Time Your Referrals Buy Lunocoin During ICO.

Trading will be live after ICO period